Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Spooky Carousel

Sometimes when you go deep into the forest you will hear strange music,
If you dare to venture further you will come across this strange carousel spinning around and around.
As you approach it will slow down for you to climb onto one of the strange horses.
But beware......once you sit down the carousel will never stop to let you off.
This was done for a challenge on Art on the Dark side


  1. OMG Barbara this is one AMAZING image and a fabulous spooky story behind it. I so love what you do my friend you are an absolute star !! thanks for doing this one
    hugs June xxxx

  2. This is amazing, Barbara! I love it along with the story you tell about it. I agree with are a star.

  3. Thank you very much June and Tacey,
    your praise is much appreciated especially from two artists whose work I really admire.
    Thanks again.


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