Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Funny anymore

This image was done for a challenge at Art on the Darkside about evil/bad clowns link
I have to say that since I was a kid I have had a bit of a fear of clowns { no real reason} and I have met some very nice people who entertain as clowns too.


  1. Oh wow !!! this is so like my personal vision of bad clowns. I was actually scared by a clown who called me into the circus ring when i was a small girl. I remember that up close he didnt have a real smile and he growled at me under his breath :( this one sure brings that back
    thanks for a fabulously creative entry
    Hugs June x

  2. Hey Barabara. Mentioned you in my blog today! Love Time Fractured. Man, this piece here gives me the willies though

  3. Thanks my friend for the fabulous OWL picture for darkside this week. Its sooooo imaginative. I had to show it my hubby who also said it was brilliant
    Hugs J x

  4. Lots of us don't like clowns much. I can't imagine why they use them in children's hospitals since many children react negatively to them.

    That aside, I think your art piece is very well done and portrays the feeling you are after.

    I couldn't leave a comment on Wraith, but that is very nice. Love how you incorporated the required orange in it.

  5. A belated thank you for all your comments. I have to play catch up on my blog.


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